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    Creating custom grammar and dictionary in either MS Office or Open Office?


    I know that both OO and MSO will allow custom dictionaries. I am working on an ambitious project to rewrite the grammatical rules for written English.

    Is there a way to throw out the current rules and rewrite them so only the newly adopted rules are applied?

    Ideally I envision a person being able to write in conventional plain English and the software effectively translating it into the new form, applying all applicable grammatical rules.

    I have a page that covers some of what I'm shooting for at

    IO also have a page on Facebook, "The Millennial English Project" if you would like to give feed back or offer linguistic suggestions
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    A user can turn off Word's built-in grammar checking and install a third party add-in, but I don't know of a way for a third party add-in to integrate directly in place of Microsoft's proofing tools.

    Perhaps that isn't really what you want. Have you taken a look at AutoCorrect? I think there might be some ultimate limit to the number of AutoCorrect entries, but you can get a lot of the most common words in there.

    Comment: Separate and apart from the question of pronunciation, having a lot of capital letter mixed into text is a bit of an eyesore.

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