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    Can't see partition in laptop hdd using docking station.

    My toshiba satellite battery failed so i thought it would be easy to whip out the hdd and retrieve my data using a usb hdd docking station. The hdd was formatted with 4 partitions being the toshiba recovery partition, toshiba install partition, win7 os partition, and data partition. The latter 2 I created by splitting the original as shipped by Toshiba partition. I probably used acronis to do the partition split years ago but don't think there was anything special about the process. Anyhow my problem is that via the docking station I can see the 2 system recovery partitions and a 3rd partition which, judging by the size, contains my win os and data partitions but with the file structure of the latter missing. In other words I can see all the program and windows files but none of the data that was in the 4th partition. Any clues about what i can do?

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    Here's a very reliable source; Make sure you read the whole article.I hope this help's.
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