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Thread: IE9 Obsevations

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    IE9 Obsevations

    Well it's here and after checking it out on my laptop & making sure it loaded my key sites OK I installed in on my main PC. Intel core i5 & 32bit Windows 7. Out of interest I benchmarked a a few sites with IE8 & IE9. All tests after a re-start. Times in seconds
    IE8 IE9 Chrome
    Load time 6.2 6.0 2.9 2.0 1.6
    BBC weather site 3.8 2.9 2.6
    Jigzone 1.9 1.5 2.2
    Jigzone puzzle 20.0 5.0 3.4 (JAVA test)
    So Chrome is still better but hardley noticable

    Memory usage - interestingly IE appears twice in Task manager so I have added the numbers together for simplcity. (Chrome appears three times) Numbers in MBytes

    Home page - Google 21 27 35
    BBC 77 58 71
    BBC Weather 84 68 49
    Jigzone 58 63 46
    Jigzone puzzle 68 82 55
    Some up some down.

    Why they put the tabs on the same line as the address bar who knows but at least you can change it but why can't I put them where they used to be and why move the favourites from left to right. Sometimes looks like change for changes sake.

    Overall goes faster, works allright.


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    Peter, It just takes a little getting used to. IE 9 and Chrome are very similar in looks and speed. Check out this thread for a nice article published by PC World.
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    All of the major browsers are or will shortly have what is called process isolation. When you load IE or Chrome with just one tab you will get two instances of the browser. One is to control the overall operation. Then you will get one per tab. If something goes wrong in the tab this instance can be terminated either by IE or by you and the whole browser and other tabs will not crash.


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