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    Data Validation - Dependent Lists - one to one relationship

    I have two lists the first column is a procedure # the second column is a procedure title - all one to one, no dups - lists are about 200 rows long, I want to make a data validation that allows the user to selct the procedure # and the adjacent cell automatically populates with the associated procedure title without a second drop down list. I looked at several dependent lists but they are not what I need because the adjacent cell is another drop down list (not necessary in this example because of one to one no dups).
    Example I would place my lists on a tab labeled LISTS:
    A B
    1 Procedure # Procedure Title
    2 NOP-100 Normal Process
    3 NOP-102 Evaluation Process
    4 EOP-100 Emergency Process

    Then on another tab with cells validated to above lists when user selects the procedure # from the list the adjacent cell auto populates
    e.g., User selects NOP-100 and adjacent cell populates with Normal Process

    Hope someone can help

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    Could try a VLOOKUP on the selection tab.
    In the cell adjacent to selection cell.....
    =VLOOKUP(Selection Cell,LIST,2,False)
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