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    Win 7 Pro and Win XP Pro

    I have searched and can't find anything that works for this problem.

    My setup is a Laptop running Win 7 Pro- 64bit and a Desktop running Win XP Pro.

    I want to have a shortcut on my laptop for the desktop's desktop, so I can drag and drop files onto it. I had this set up with Vista.

    I can access the "shared documents" on the XP machine, and I can ping the computer. Under "Network" in windows explorer in W7, the desktop shows up but when I click it it says I don't have permission (same with My documents; but I can access shared files). The C drive is shared on the XP machine as C$. But I can't make a shortcut to the desktop.

    I have tried typing the IP address in the shortcut bar. But it says that I don't have permission to access it even though nothing has changed from when I could access it.

    Any direction?

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    Have you set up all permissions on both PC's. On the Win 7 PC type Sharing in the Search Box. Choose Manage advanced sharing settings. How To Geek has some suggestions on sharing between Win 7 and XP.
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