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    Angry WMP12 and coverart

    For the past few weeks I have been downloading .jpg albumart for my .mp3’s, and find it annoying to discover that (on a regular basis) the appropriate artwork will not only download and associate itself to relevant .mps, but will also do the same to several other .jpeg files which already contain the existing proper albumart.
    I am quite new to WMP12, Win 7 and IE8; could someone clarify not only why the albumart attaches itself randomly to other existing .jpg’s for no apparent reason, but also how to download the albumart with the order not to replace other albumart files.
    Before posting this query, I changed the .jpg and .mp3 attributes to ‘read only’ status (I assumed that putting a tick in this box would protect the file from alterations of any kind) - could someone please clarify in layman terms exactly what advantages are gained by enabling the ‘read only’ box?

    Another annoyance with WMP12 is: sometimes when transferring .mp3’s & .jpg’s simultaneously (either to external H/D or to a newly created folder on the H/D), the .jpg’s containing the albumart remain/s intact, but the .mp3 file itself reverts to a generic music symbol. Would anyone have any idea why this albumart goes AWOL?

    Lastly; if I uninstalled WMP12 and replaced it with a previous version, would the Win7 OS and this previous version of WMP conflict in any way?

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    Hi Robko, the files (mp3) should be in the music folder. Open them one by one and ensure they only contain the 'Tracks' plus the .jpeg file associated with that album. If WMP does not add the cover art, right click where it should show, and select 'open file location' right click the .jpeg, copy & paste in to WMP.
    Cancel the 'read only' changes to normal.
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