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    adding more options/variables

    Presently I have 2 variables, fine & regular and the following code works.
    =IF(VLOOKUP("zzzzz",F:F,1)="fine",M10+INDEX(C:C, MATCH("zzzzz",F:F))-TODAY(),"Current is regular")
    =IF(VLOOKUP("zzzzz",F:F,1)="regular",M7+INDEX(C:C, MATCH("zzzzz",F:F))-TODAY(),"Current is fine")

    They return a number in 1 cell and a string [either Current is fine [M17] or Current is regular [M21] in another cell.

    If I add 1 or 2 more variables, such as heavy and twin, how would I code for having 3 or 4 variables?
    They would return a number in 1 cell and a string in the other cells. M17, 21, 25, 29. The 3 strings would be the same.
    It would return either
    Current is fine
    Current is regular
    Current is heavy
    Current is twin

    See attached sample.
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