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    List with numbering on right side

    Hi gang,
    I remember reading about this on the lounge but can't find it right now.
    I want to create a numbered list that will have the numbers on the right side of the paragraph.
    Intro..... Tab 1
    Subject...Tab 2
    It this possible to do at all?
    Johanne Champagne
    Montreal (Quebec) CANADA

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    A couple of ways you could do this:

    1) Put the content into a 2-column table, with the paragraph content in the left column, and the Tab numbers in the right column. You can then use autonumbering to produce the Tab 1, Tab 2 etc., in the right column.

    2) Use SEQ fields to produce the numbers after the 'Tab'. To insert the SEQ fields you can either go to Insert > Fields (In Word versions up to 2003 - don't have access to a newer PC just at this moment, but there is slightly hidden Ribbon command to insert Fields in Word 2007 and later), and follow the prompts to insert a SEQ field.

    Give the sequence a name, such as "Tab". Alternatively, in the document, type Ctrl+F9 to insert field brackets, and then put the following inside the brackets:
    SEQ Tab\* Arabic \* MERGEFORMAT

    You can then copy and paste the field as many times as needed, and/or save it as an autotext or building block. To update the numbering at any time, Select All and then press F9.


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