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    Keep your data safe while on the road


    Keep your data safe while on the road

    By Susan Bradley

    Sure, you've put in all the right data-security tools at your office, but how about when you or your employees are outside the firewall?

    Keeping your business data safe while working outside the office requires extra vigilance; here are some tips that will help.

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    Review your choices — again. Remote computing is changing so fast that good practices today may not be so good tomorrow. Ask your fellow small-business owners what they are doing to secure their remote access and what works for them. I re-evaluate and tweak my policies on a regular basis —about once a year, during slower times at the office — to ensure efficient, effective, and secure remote computing. Today, we're using laptops, smartphones, iPads, and tablets. In a few years, perhaps brain implants will allow us to compute everywhere. But no matter where we do our computing, we always need to make sure our connections are secure.

    The scary part of a brain implant would be we could then be susceptible to two types of virus - The implant would have to be totally secured. It is bad enough that some automobile computers can be hacked by wireless and bluetooth now.

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