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    Unusual 'visible cells only' in Excel 2007

    I have often used the 'go to visible cells only' to cut and paste between Workbooks/Worksheets without problems.
    THis time, I have a Worksheet which has a bar for various controls, macro buttons etc. as well as the column headers. This worksheet has many hidden columns.
    I am using a laptop with a separate monitor as an extended desktop.
    Due to the ribbon, my header and control bar (and my eyesight), opening a second workbook and arranging them horizontally didn't really work too well.
    So, I opened a second instance of Excel and had one instance on each display.
    It seems that the 'copy visible cells only' is impossible in this Situation.
    I tested this by opening a new workbook in the instance of Excel that I wanted to copy from. Pasting into this copied the cells I wanted correctly, but going immediately to the other instance copied all the hidden cells as well.
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    I am not a big fan of 2 seperate Excel instances running. However, On Excel 2003 I had no problems doing a visible cells only copy and paste.

    You could try the following:

    1. Just copy a very small area and see if it works.
    2. Make sure there is no problems with Merged Cells getting in the way.
    3. Don't try to copy the entire workseet, but rather just the area you need.
    4. Lastly, open a new blank workbook in Excel and try the copy visible cells from the source data to the new WB. By using the lower status bar in Excel its easy to switch between open books.

    Hope this helps.

    Tom D

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