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    yahoo mail account pop-up

    A few days ago when I opened one of my yahoo email accounts there was a pop-up window. It said, "EDNA CRUZ would like to add you to his or her online Contacts list." Next, there was an Accept button and a Decline button. I do not know an Edna Cruz.

    Is this a valid service from Yahoo? Have other people had the same pop-up window?
    Is this a spam opportunity if I click on Decline.

    Is this window genuine? How can I get rid of it safely (the window is tied to my account so when I went to Task Manager to shut it down, Task Manager closed my email)?

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    I don't use Yahoo mail often enough to know whether this is a new feature or an attack of some kind... Without analyzing the code, I couldn't really venture a guess as to what might happen if you click Decline.

    Often you can close the front-most browser window (or active tab) by pressing Ctrl+w but this doesn't work when the pop-up is really an element overlaid on the content within the page. In that case, there are some "click to hide this" browser add-ons that you might be able to use. Their main purpose is to hide ads or other irritating content, but they could be useful here as well.

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