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    Sounds rendered poorly; fix found.

    This is a problem I was happily able to solve, so I am posting this description only for the possible help of anyone else who may encounter it, and warning about the probable cause.

    For some system events, I use a sound effect in a file named "Robotz Menu Command.wav", which came in the Media directory of some long-ago version of Windows. It normally sounds something like "sssssssut". However, on my main desktop machine, it suddenly started sounding like "sssssss", both with system events and when played by Windows Media Player. I think that the problem began when I downloaded an update to iTunes, though there were also updates from Microsoft and Adobe Reader around the same time.

    The solution was to go into Settings → Control Panel → Device Manager → Sound, video and game controllers → Realtek High Definition Audio → right-click → Properties → Driver → Roll Back Driver (which leads to further pallaver as directed).

    With the problem thus solved, I experimentally tried the same operation, except ending with Update Driver. Thereupon, I was paradoxically informed that the rolled-back driver was up-to-date. This is further evidence that some nasty update other than Microsoft's had sneaked a defective driver into my system, and there is little reason why Adobe Reader should monkey with a sound driver.

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    Thanks for posting your solution. That may help someone in the future.


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