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    MsgBox when sending to a particular name?? OL2003/Exchange 2003

    I have a user that has two contacts with the same name - and he keeps sending the wrong email to the wrong person!

    I have amended his NK2 file using NK2 editor to highlight the differences between the two people - this seems to work until either of them email back. What we find happens then is that the advertised email name overwrites the change to the NK2 file, and we are back to square 1.

    I thought that there may be a way to use mail rule, but short of putting on a delay to all emails I cannot see a way that these would be used. Personally, if I knew that I had two Bob Smith's as contacts I would remember to always check that I was sending to the right Bob Smith, however I need some form of solution to help this chap out..

    What I was thinking was a message box appearing when sending to either Bob Smith - a wee popup with the message "Are you sure you are sending this to the right Bob Smith" may just be enough - the only problem is that I'm not rightly sure where to start....anyone any ideas? Or any better thoughts on how to get round this problem (short of a red hot poker, cattle prod or other memory aid!?)??

    Thanks in anticipation!


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    You can intercept outgoing messages using VBA. This doesn't add much time to the process, but lets the user stop the send if there is a problem.

    These threads have sample procedures that hook into the Application_ItemSend event:

    Printing message on bottom of every new e-mail sent Outlook 2007 | Windows Secrets Lounge

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