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    Outlook Sent Item to Word Doc (Word97 SR2)

    I am needing to programmatically emulate the drag-n-drop feaure of dragging a sent Outlook mail item into a Word document. This will produce an icon representing the mail item, which can be double clicked and the mail item is opened.


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    Re: Outlook Sent Item to Word Doc (Word97 SR2)

    It's probably got something to do with the Object Packager. How does the user indicate which Outlook message to "insert"?
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    Re: Outlook Sent Item to Word Doc (Word97 SR2)

    The user wouldn't select which message to insert into the Word document. It would automatically be the first item in the sent folder (which, believe it or not, is the last item sent). The entire process is that via Word, we will be creating and sending an mail item, but we need to insert it--as a mail item--into the Word document.

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