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    Basic OneNote Question

    I posted this in Other MS Apps last week and got exactly no responses. I'm hoping this group can help.

    I just discovered MS OneNote and I really like it. As a ring binder fiend, I find the notebook approach especially useful for the note-taking and organizing tasks I spend most of my time with.

    Ideally, I'm hoping to simulate the experience of taking handwritten notes on a yellow, letter-sized, lined 8-1/2" x 11" page. But I haven't been able to find answers to basic questions, such as:

    Right now, I hand write notes on a Wacom Bamboo Fun digital pad.

    The questions:

    - Is there a way to set the default "page size" to 8-1/2" x 11" and yellow?

    - When I type, the page advances down automatically. But when I hand write the notes, it doesn't. I have to keep hitting the cursor down arrow to keep the "page" scrolling under what I'm writing. Otherwise, I hit the bottom of the page. Can this be done automatically? How do note-takers in school settings do this?

    - Other than writing small, my handwriting appears as 80-point size letters, which means about five words per line. Is there a way to adjust the page view/size so that when I re-size the page it looks more like a handwritten page?

    - I prefer reverse-chronological order, that is, the newest notes on top. How does one do this in OneNote?

    - How does one paginate for printing? Can you control page breaks to avoid splitting a sentence or a photo? Or do I have to dump it all into Word and format it from there?

    Finally, can anyone refer me to a good source (e.g., book, tutorial video) for this information?

    Thank you.


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    - Is there a way to set the default "page size" to 8-1/2" x 11" and yellow?

    Go to View and you will find 'Page Color' and 'Rule Lines' side by side, with lots of variety for each.

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    This thread was duplicated in
    You may find more answers there.
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