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    Preserving signatures in Outlook 2007

    I have just copied my "Outlook.pst" file to my laptop in preparation to going away for a week or so, and something just occurred to me that I needed to look in to the last time I did this. I am using Outlook 2007 and running on Windows 7 SP 1, and I just realized (too late for this trip, unfortunately) that doing so does not transfer all of my multiple personally-created signatures that I use so much in my emails.

    For the future, is there a way of copying them and saving, backing up, or otherwise transferring them along with my *.pst file in the future? I still have my Outlook.pst file in my desktop, but can anyone tell me how to save the myriad of signatures I've created for use after I transfer this Outlook.pst file back again in a week? Obviously, I can recreate them AGAIN if I have to, I've had plenty of practice in the past, but I would prefer simply copying them to my default *.pst file if there is a way of doing it.

    I thank you in advance for any help or suggestions. Is it possible they could be backed up in a similar manner to the way I now do my incoming mail filters?

    David E. Cann

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    Copy your signatures folder and put on your other computer

    User | AppData | Roaming | Microsoft | Signatures
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