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    Question Doesn't XP have a MS repair program?

    I may have it mixed up with Win 7, but I swear I remember somewhere not in the to distant past, a WinSec article on a diagnostic tool, or system repair tools that could be downloaded from Microsoft, and I guess stored on a CD or in the program files, or both, that would help figure out what is wrong if the XP/SP3 PC won't boot and you have to open in safe mode. I may be all wet and I am having a senior moment.

    I had Avast Prof lock me up a couple weeks ago on an update download and I finally managed to uninstall it and then got the restore tool to find a date a week or two earlier and got me back in business. Before I managed to uninstall Avast Pro, the restore points would not function and my PC/XP would shut down to prevent injury to my PC [BSOD with yellow font]. I have not reinstalled Avast Pro, and I may not. Does anyone know if it will run along with Win. Security Essentials, or should I decide to use only one or the other. I have spent my money on Avast, I hate think I have wasted my $$.

    BTW, my first time posting, I appreciate you patience. Tigerbeetle

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    Are you referring to the XP Repair install procedure?


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    Langa Letter: The OS Inside The OS

    Fred Langa shows how a simple tweak turns XP's low-level Recovery Console into a complete, standalone mini-operating system--in effect, an XP DOS!

    Langa Letter: XP's Little-Known 'Rebuild' Command
    Langa Letter: A Must-Have Repair And Recovery Tool

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