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    Graphic files not saved in document to.. (Word 97)

    I have a couple of large-ish (76 and 88 pages) documents which are assembly instructions for kits. Each page has a step number and a GIF format graphic showing that step. I originally specified NOT to save the graphic in the Word file when I set these up (since I'm very tight for disk space, why save it twice...) but now I plan to get these printed at a print shop and it would be a lot easier to have it all one file. Is there a way to automatically convert these - doing it by hand (removing and re-inserting each image) is impractical due to the number of images and the time it took me to get everything sitting in the right places on the page in the first place.

    In a related question, I've noticed that if I just load one of these files and print it with only the first page showing, all the graphics on the other pages print as placeholders, as if Word can't find them. I have to make sure Word has displayed each graphic on screen before I try and print it (usually I set size to 10% and leave Word to work on it). Is this due to not having the graphics saved in the document, or would it happen anyway?

    Thanks for any help

    Kevin Wilson

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    Re: Graphic files not saved in document to.. (Word 97)

    Well, I have made some progress on this but not really solved it.

    Doing an Alt-F9 to reveal codes showed codes for some graphics but others still showed pictures. More digging revealed that the ones without codes showing had "Float over Text" set true, so I went through and reset all the Floats to false.

    The field codes showing for the pictures were for the form

    Digging in the Help showed that the /d is supposed to prevent saving picture info with the file. So logically removing it and refreshing should suck the graphic file info into the Word file. Nope, doesn't. More experimenting with the Insert Picture command shows that if you click Link To File you get the Insertpicture field above, and the actual graphic is not stored in the Word file whatever you do, so you still need the separate graphic file available. Only if you DON'T check Link To File does Save With Document actually pull the graphic file into the Word file - and then there's no Insertpicture field, in fact no field at all - Alt-F9 shows the graphic still sitting there, so I can't just do a search and replace on the existing fields to pull all the graphics into the file.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Graphic files not saved in document to.. (Word 97)

    If you're ready to make a final, "fat" version of the file, I'd do a Save As, then select all, then ctrl+shift+F9 to turn all the fields into actual pictures. You can send this new file to the printer and delete it from your system, and keep using your other document as the "master." Repeat as needed.

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    Re: Graphic files not saved in document to.. (Word 97)

    Thanks very much, that's the answer!


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