i have hit a snag with IE8 i thought it was just with my bank page but now its starting with a few other sites! When i login to my page im getting an error message in the lower left corner showing a page with an yellow triangle with exclamation point and the error states "html parsing error: unable to modify the parent container element before the child element is closed" when this shows it says DONE but it is not i saw it start on my bank page it shows me im in but it does not let me see all of my information and now i have hit a few other pages that it is doing the same thing. it is also saying error on web page might cause it to work incorrectly! and also some other pages when i go to them it brings them up and then cant show them and it then gives me a problem page showing the connection is not there.
Ok i need some help please i need to clear this up so i can see my bank statments fully and have it stop killing me as i go visit sites, and it dosent happen all the time when i surf but with the bank it happens all the time!