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    Help! iTunes no longer plays any music.

    Hi - I hope someone has a solution to this. I have a fully patched Windows XP system and I've been using iTunes for years with virtually no problems. This week the program stopped playing any music or podcasts; when I double-click or hit the "play" button the marker reads "00" and stays still, without advancing. Syncing and downloading and importing songs and video files works fine, it just won't play on the desktop.

    I have LiveWire and Secunia 2.0 running, but they've been in place for some time without any conflicts. I've rebooted several times and am using the latest version of iTunes. Google searches haven't given me much info - some people posted about this problem on and off over the years, but none of their questions have any posted answers in the forums I've seen.


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    Have you tried playing any of the songs in another media player such as Windows Media Player or VLC? If not, please try. If they won't play there either, then there is a problem with the codec.

    If they do play in another media player, try uninstalling iTunes, then rebooting, and then reinstalling it. And when you uninstall it, check that nothing remains in your registry or local settings, or even Program Files.

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