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    Win7 dumps me out of full-screen program to desktop

    Always, within 5-10 minutes after I boot up, when I'm in a full screen (not windowed), win7 will switch me to the desktop. The program I'm in hasn't crashed and there are no messages, or other windows open. This is a behavior I've experienced since I first installed Win7 professional in 32-bit, and it continued after I switched to 64-bit version.
    I did experience a brief hiatus after a patch late last year, then it came back after another update patch about 1-2 months ago.
    All it does is dump me on the desktop, the program I was in is still running. I've looked at the event log but nothing obvious seems to have happened.
    Has anyone else experienced this behavior?
    If I use a windowed program for at least 10 minutes when I first boot up, it doesn't happen.

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    Aero Peek at Desktop

    Are you sure your mouse cursor isn't being inadvertently pushed to the far lower right of the screen while you are working?

    If you browse your mouse cursor on that little upright rectangular box to the right of the date/time area of the taskbar you will notice this duplicates the exact same behavior you describe.

    It was completely anoying to me until I discovered and turned it off. My mouse cursor would always get pushed aside while typing and end
    up at the above mentioned area of the screen.
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