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    Win 7 64 PRO cannot run a successful update 800736B1 error

    Fairly new Windows 7 PRO 64 (SP1) install but ran into a series of problems from program upgrades to a trojan warning. Went thru a series of Malwarebytes/SUPER AntiSpyware scans and cleans, system restores etc. and a handful of drive updates until all appears OK except I cannot successfully run Windows Update and I now have a backlog of 25+ updates to run. The .NET 4 update is necessary to run a photo processing package upgrade. Regardless of what I have tried, including a system restore from last month (earliest I have), I cannot seem to correct the update issue. Trying each update individually fails as well...All with the 800736B1 error code. sfcscannow and CD recovery are no gos as well (the latter is a SP1 issue). Before I punt and re-install from bare metal, does anyone have any suggestions first? The backup I have was not readable but this may also be an SP1 issue...


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    Try the repair install first before the reinstall. Once running properly, check out the threads on imaging in Security and backups forum.
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