OK, I know this should be simple, but it isn't. I've searched all my back issues of WOW, but to no avail.
I'm trying to create a custom button on the Outlook toolbar (standard or advanced) that lets me forward selected emails to a specific person (in this case, my wife!). I followed the same procedure I use to create a custom email button (open Tools>Customize..>Commands, drag the Forward command to the toolbar, choose modify, and set the hyperlink). But when I try to set the hyperlink to her email address, WORD XP insists on inserting the mailto: command before the address. So whenever I click my new button, Word interprets it as a New Email and opens a new email window. That would be OK, except that it doesn't include the message I'm trying to forward. I've tried changing the Outlook options to attach the message, rather than including it, and I've played with the settings for AutoComplete to see if I could do something there. Am I missing something, or is there no way to create a custom Forward button for those of us who are script-challenged?