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    Acroins TI 2011 has a MAJOR BUG

    When I tried Acronis and uninstalled it I lost access to windows 7 backup and restore through the control panel. After much searching and a manual REG edit I was able to fix the problem in my case. You can check out this link to see what to do. It worked for me. If you look around the Acronis forums you will see that I'm not the only one who has experienced Acronis's poor response to this problem. They put out REG patch, but the patch does not solve the problem when you uninstall the software.

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    Hello... seems that 2011 has many bugs ...this being one. Thanks for posting the link! From my perspective... 2010 V-7046 in it's basic function works well (Vista, "7" 64 and 32) and after reading some of the posts "True Image Home Forum" forum i would not recommend upgrading to 2011 for most. Anyone considering the upgrade should do the same before making any decisions. Regards Fred

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