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    Unhappy How to set up and use Outlook Express (Micresoft Express)

    Greetings, forum:

    What do I need to do to br able to use Outlook Express´ or Microsoft Express´s email service. More and more companies are only contactable vía this programme. Several times I tried to register myself on their system. Thay ask me my username and password. What username? My hotmail account email address and password?
    Then they ask me questions about my system: is it a POP3 or another option. I don´t know the answers to these questions about my OPC computer with Windows 7 Ultimate. I bought it here in Jacaltenango, Guatemala where I live for $500.

    Any forum member who has registered with either of these Express email services my have the answer for me.


    Jim M

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    You can't use OE with Windows 7, sorry. OE was the email client for Windows XP. It is no longer supported or available. The closest available from Microsoft would be Windows Live Mail. This is a full featured mail client. I have no clue what Microsoft Express is. It is not a mail client as far as I am aware.
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    Microsoft Express is a free and limited edition of Microsoft's Visual Studio that is available for programming languages supported by .NET and SQL, not an email client. Here is a link to the MS page on Microsoft Express.

    I would go with Ted on the Windows Live Mail recommendation, or an email client such as Mozilla Thunderbird. Here is a site you can use to look over several possible email clients for Windows 7.

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    T-Bird as an OE alternative

    When I ugraded to Win7, I used Mozilla Thunderbird for email as I think it is very close to Outlook Express. I suggest giving that a try first.

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