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    Question 550 casette tapes to CDs

    Hello, Forum:

    I spent a huge amount of time converting 550 cassette tapes to CDs. It was a major undertaking for me. I used ROXIO Creator 8, a great programme for me. After all this I, I laboured to record each of the 550 Cs on my hard drive. Success. I stored all the information (the audio portions to complete language courses for over 100 languages) into MyBook external storage. My brother dropped it on concrete damaging it so badly it would cost over $700 to retrieve the info. M

    Maenwhile, I moved to North West Guatemala. My computer arrived here nearly a year later. I lost all the data on my hard drive during that time.

    Now I have an EPC computer with Windows 7 Ultimate (bought here for $500).
    I forgot completely how to record langueag CDs to my HD. I have Woody´s Windows 7 for Dummies here with me. I am 64 years old and I can´t understand it. Two friends here showed me 7 times how to do it, but I can´t remember. What I really need it no less than a road map. Also, each disk I put onto my hard drive must be labled percisely for my HD. Example: EMSA 2 (Elementary Modern Standard Arabic. disc 1, disc 2, disc 6. Gulf Arabic. disc 1, disc 2, disc 3 etc.
    All the above under ARABIC. I need to do the same with Thai, Burmese, Mongolian, Tibetan, Lakhóta, Cheyenne, 3 dialects of Irish etc, etc, etc. Labelind has to be percise.


    Jim M

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    You need a player to play the CD, a cable to connect to the line-in port of the PC, and a sound recording program such as Audacity. Once you have everything hooked up, start the recorder and then start the cassette. Pause the recorder after the first side of the cassette is done, flip the cassette over, unpause and start the player. After the second side is recorded, stop the recorder. Then use a CD burning program (CDBurnerXP is free if you don't have one) to burn an audio CD. The audio CD part if the important part - otherwise you will get a data CD and that won't work on a standard music CD player.

    By the way, I went the whole transfer-analog-audio-to-cd route many years back. Mostly vinyl but some cassettes. If I were to redo this I would do analog audio to MP3 which I would load onto an MP3 player. Burned CD just don't last very long - I ended up trashing all of them because of too many read errors. MP3s stored on a hard drive, USB key, or SD card last forever, especially if you maintain backups.

    BTW, this post would be better in the multimedia forum, perhaps a kind moderators will move it.
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    copy cassette tapes to computer

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