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    Post Receipients not receiving attachments sent by Outlook 2007

    I am forwarding emails with excel attachments and the receipents don't always get the attachment. They always get the forwarded email, but the attachment is missing. This started about a month ago.

    It happens with 2 different receipents, one with a apple account the other with a corporate email account. they both either get the attachment or both don't.

    I have multiple email accounts and 2 different ISP's. Makes no difference what account or ISP.

    Makes no difference if the email is formatted as Plain Text or HTML. (don't use rich text)

    If I save the excel file and rename to .txt and then reattach it, then it works

    Windows XP SP3 (current on windows and office updates)
    Office 2007
    Verizon FIOS Internet

    I'm confused now, help!

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    I would say their email providers are simply filtering out the attachments in excel format. Two facts indicate nothing is wrong on your side:

    1. Everybody else gets the attachments
    2. They get the attachment if it is a .txt

    I don't think you can do much, other than trying to compress the file (zip, rar) or changing the extension to one that their provider allows to pass through. If choosing the latter, they just need to changing the extension back to the original value, once they get the extension.

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