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    Word Startup (word 2000)

    I have Word set up to access startup templates from the network. After installing some new software I now have a new .dot file which is located in the Word default startup area on the c: drive.

    When Word is launched I would expect to get my network served startup templates only. This is not the case. I am getting both the network and c: drive startup files.

    Has anybody come across this or can offer an explanation as to why it's happening? I know I can rename the file on the c: drive to stop it loading but I'd still be interested to know what's going on.

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    Re: Word Startup (word 2000)

    Word 2000 (and probably other versions as well) has two startup folders. One is the one set under Tools => Options => File Locations. The other is (usually) c:/Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office/Startup but may also be located in your user profile in Windows under Application Data/Microsoft.

    See <A target="_blank" HREF=> Template Basics - Global templates</A> for more on global templates and startup folders.

    Hope this helps,
    Charles Kyle Kenyon
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