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    Sandboxie tries to open shell32.dll instead of Firefox

    I'm running 64-bit Win7 Professional Version 6.1 (Build 7600) and Firefox 3.6.17. (I run auto-update for both, and these are as far as I know the current versions. I'm waiting to install FF4 until I read that it's completely stable.)

    When I run Sandboxie to open a protected instance of Firefox, it instead attempts to open shell32.dll. That dll exists on my system, since I can view it with, for example, Notepad.

    If I try to go on, I get a Message from Sandboxie saying: "SBie2205 Service not implemented: CM_GDILS(1)"

    I uninstalled Sandboxie, downloaded a fresh version and installed it but got the same problem.

    I then unstalled Sandboxie, ran a search for *sandboxie*.* and removed everything I found, got a fresh download of Sandboxie and installed it again, but continue to have the same problem.

    Any ideas?

    Ken Shaw

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    I wonder whether one of your Firefox add-ons might be causing this problem. You could temporarily run Firefox without any add-ons using Firefox's Safe Mode, but I don't know whether this can be integrated with Sandboxie. Perhaps try this: create a new Firefox profile, start Firefox in that profile, then exit Firefox. Then Firefox should default to that profile on the next start. If that works in Sandboxie, then you may need to disable your most recently installed add-ons to find the problem.

    Some reference articles that might help:

    • I recommend backing up your Firefox settings (profile folders). If not already covered by your regular backups, see Backing up your information.
    • Use Firefox's Profile Manager to create a new profile and to start up with a different one: Managing profiles.

    Any luck?

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