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    "Configuring Windows Updates" Stalls

    I have three HP computers bought a year and a half ago in a package deal. The desktop and laptop run Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit and the netbook runs Windows 7 Basic. About six weeks ago all three started exhibiting the same problem when I'd download the latest batch of Windows 7 updates and try to install them - they'd download fine, then when the computer was automatically restarted and began the "Configuring Windows Update" all three began to stall, generally at around the 30-50% complete point. I'd let them go for hours observing the "Do not turn off your computer" warning, but no further progress would be made.

    Finally I would get up my nerve and shut the computer down anyway, then restart it. For each of the three computers, every time this has occurred (now multiple times per computer) upon restarting the process goes through to completion successfully and everything has seemed to be fine.

    What is going on, please?

    Thanks in advance,

    Dave Phelps

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    Have you tried looking at the log? It's located here:
    Just type that in the search box and it should return the link.
    Also in that same directory are the updates. Each start with KB. Just compare the Windowsupdate.log file and these and you should be able to determine which update(s) are giving you issues. Once you have the culprit(s) go into Programs and Features in the Control Panel and remove it(them) rebooting after each. I don't know if you did this or not but I normally follow the rule of installing security updates separately from others and even if a reboot is not required I do it anyway after any update.


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