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    Hitachi 2TB Drive Periodically Disappears From Drive List XP


    I just bought a Hitachi 2TB 64mB 7200 SATA 3 drive. I intended to use it to replace a drive on an older PC (Intel P4 D915 mobo).

    For convenicene, I initialized and formatted the drive on a more recent XP Pro SP 3 machine (Q8400). Seemed fine.

    So I moved it to the old machine (also running XP Pro SP3). At first it was fine. But now, every time I use it to do something 'big' (like transfer a several GB of files) it simply disappears from the drive list right in the middle of the operation. A soft boot doesn't help. But after a cold boot? Seems fine. Ran several disk utilities and the drive checks out fine every time.

    I went to the Intel site and there are no new mobo drivers (none since 2006, I think.)

    1. Is this a -drive- issue?
    2. Is this a limit of the old mobo? Or XP?
    3. Would I be wise to re-format on the old machine---IOW could this be because I didn't format the drive on the machine I intend to use it on?



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    1.)No it is not a drive issue.
    2)Update the bios on the mobo.
    3)Right click on;My Computer & select,Quick Format.
    The above should solve your problem.
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