I have just installed a new hard drive on a Dell Inspiron 530 and am trying to configure Windows Media Center. OS is Win 7 updated with SP1
In the TV Setup wizard I get as far as setting up the IR Hardware config, but always get "IR Hardware Not Detected."
WMC worked just fine before I changed out disks. The physical setup has not changed (except for the new disk). I do see video on the "Working TV Signal." And I can change channels with the set top box in the "Working TV Signal." (And if I launch a file from a filelist, it plays on WMC.)
I'm assuming there is a file or files missing. In C:\dell\drivers, there are 2 folders (R192881 and R203474) and R154739.exe.
Is there a driver missing?
Or another file/folder? I still have the old disk and can pull over whatever is missing if somebody can tell me what to try.
Unfortunately Dell has no idea what files/folders might be needed.