I am in the process of upgrading my pcs and using Win 7 rather than XP. At the same time, I am switching from Office 2003 to Office 2010.

I used the Windows Easy Transfer feature to move a large data base and many files to my new pc. To my great pleasure, Outlook began to work immediately, with my files, calendar, etc. set up properly -- almost.

I do not store my Outlook files in the default location, and this may cause this problem: Outlook does not examine my various contacts files (all in the Contacts folder of Outlook) to search for e-mail addresses. At first I thought I would do as I did in Outlook 2003: right-click each contacts list (they do show up in the new Outlook), click properties, and clisk "use as an address book" (or something like that). In the case of Outlook 2010, the same procedure starts to work, but the "use as an address book" portion is grayed out. I've tried everything I can think of, including all of the advice in Outlook Help and in Google searches, but have been unable to solve this problem.

Does anyone have a solution?