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    Langa "Safety Net" Column

    Fred Langa's last column on "Build a complete Win 7 Safety Net" (Win Secrets Issue 288), created several questions:

    1) Would love to ask some questions of Fred Langa, but how do you write Fred directly? Apparently it's possible from the questions he addresses in his column, but after much searching I can find no direct e-mail address.

    2) When I set up Windows Backup, I'd like to send the backup on one computer to an "archive" (separate) HD on a different network computer. Windows Backup can see the other drive and it's folders, but insists on having a login name and password for the network before it will allow me to complete the setup. Being a home system, neither computer nor the network requires a password. Is there a way to send the backup to a drive on local network computer when there are no system passwords?

    3) Will Windows Backup wake a PC if it is 'sleeping' at the prescribed backup time?

    4) From the Windows 'Restore' dialog box, it would seem that the only option to restore the "user" files is to restore ALL user files. Is it possible to restore individual files?

    Many thanks.

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    You should keep your questions public so that we can all benefit from them.
    You should put your questions on this article here:
    Build a complete Windows 7 safety net
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