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    Auto-hiding toolbars on the desktop

    I'm new to Windows 7 and am setting up my folder/files etc. The move from XP is certainly a bit frustrating (to say nothing about the struggle with new programmes to replace the XP ones that can't play happily with Win 7.

    At the moment my desktop is cluttered with files and folders that I want quick access to. Using the Start menu takes more clicks than I'm happy with. On my old XP Desktop I had 2 toolbars which hung on each side of the screen. I could fill them with folders, files and shortcuts without my Desktop looking like the local garbage tip! The toolbars were set to Auto-Hide. The result was a really tidy and uncluttered screen with the bare minimum of icons. I just loved it... but Win 7 just doesn't seem able to do this. My question is... is it possible? The closest Win 7 seems to come is the little box containing the hidden Taskbar icons.

    Any bright ideas to save my sanity?

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    Hi AussieMike, and welcome to the Lounge!

    The Windows 7 taskbar is definitely different than that of XP. A quick way to relocate folders to the taskbar is to drag them to the taskbar, where they will be pinned to the Windows 7 Explorer folder on the taskbar (assuming you have placed a Win7 Explorer icon on your taskbar - to pin Windows Explorer to your taskbar, locate it in the Start menu, right click and select 'Pin to taskbar'. If you have a Windows 7 Explorer icon on your desktop, just drag it to the taskbar). Right click the Windows Explorer taskbar icon to see the folders pinned to it. One click will open a folder to allow you to select files within it. As far as files go, for example, documents created with MS Word, you can pin the Word program icon to the taskbar, and drag any Word documents from your desktop to the Word program icon to pin the files to the icon. Right clicking the Word icon will show you all the pinned documents as well as recently opened documents, any of which you can open with a single click.

    If you want to bring back the old Quick Launch bar that you used in XP, follow this How To Geek tutorial to make it visible in Windows 7.

    Also, check this Dummies tutorial on how to create custom toolbars on the Windows 7 taskbar. The Windows 7 taskbar can be relocated to the top or sides of your screen, but I am not aware of any way to undock custom toolbars to relocate them separately from the taskbar.
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    Check out Object Dock & Fences. Object Dock is a very configurable desktop docking tool (including the ability to hide it). Fences allows grouping of desktop icons and the ability to hide everything on the desktop with a single or double click (configurable). There are from StarDock, who makes a very nice dock for Dell PCs. There are free and paid versions of each tool.

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    I created a new Toolbar (right click on Taskbar and select New Toolbar). Called it Shortcuts. Create a folder called shortcuts in My Documents. When you create the new toolbar you point toward the Shortcuts folder and populate it. To add shortcuts just move the shortcuts you want, or copy them, to the Shortcuts folder and they will appear like magic in the Shortcuts Toolbar:

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    Another nice FREE dock is RocketDock.

    I also like Fences which has a FREE version and with a double-click on the desktop, your icons disappear/reappear.

    I venture to guess that with a little "adjustment" you will be a convert to Windows 7.

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