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    Access 2000 frontend + Access 97 backend (Access 2000+Access 97)

    We are in the middle of a slow migration from Windows NT + Office 97 to Windows 2000 + Office 2000. It's not practical to convert the company in one fell swoop.

    So, we have a temporary situation where we have database backends that are in Access 97 format together with corresponding pairs of front-ends, one in Access 97 format and one in Access 2000 format, to cover users in both systems.

    As far as I've been able to determine, that should work - an Access 2000 front-end database initially appears to be able to connect to an Access 97 back-end database without any errors or prompts to convert and without seeming to cause problems for others using the Access 97 front-end to connect to the Access 97 backend.

    However, all this is causing very frequent corruption of the back-end Access 97 databases. Problems with memo fields (showing #Error) are frequent, as well as prompts asking if we want to repair the back-end.

    So, my question - has anyone tried anything similar (multiple front-end versions connecting to the same back-end), and does anyone have any suggestions to avoid corruption? It's not practical to clone the back-end; the databases in question are very actively used and everyone needs to see the same data.

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    Re: Access 2000 frontend + Access 97 backend (Access 2000+Access 97)

    We've seen the same thing in several situations - everything appears to work OK, and then you start getting back-end corruptions. In addition, the performance with an Access97 back-end suffers from Access2K front-ends. Unfortunately we do not have a solution other than to convert at the same time or to move the back-end to SQL Server. There is some anecdotal evidence that Access with SP2 applied is not as bad, but no real proof. Unfortunately you can't install just the Access fixes, so if you are running Outlook2K you get the draconian security fix too. Sorry I can't be of more help.

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