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    Question Looking for a silver bullet to downsizing an XT partition

    I have a magnificent 80gig Dell 5150 XT that I partitioned for the WD back-up drive. Like everyone else I also have a 64x Windows 7 laptop that has all the important stuff on it that I transferred from the XT; including the back-up drive.
    Also, like everyone else I'm hanging on to the XT but I want the space back that I assigned to back-up partition. So today, 5-19-11, I find out that whereas I can make an XT partition larger I cannot shrink an XT active partition without doing some serious damage to the rest of the stuff on the C drive. Apparently Norton gave up on "Partition Magic" for good reason.
    So... Does anyone know of something better then the risk and trouble of reformatting and reloading my old 32x stuff that I use on the XT.

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    I'm a little confused about the question. I followed right up to the point where you asked about reducing the size of the system partition on the old Dell.

    I'm assuming for a moment that you have something like System Partition - Drive C: 50GB, Backup Partition - Drive E: 30GB. Also if I read your intention correctly, having transferred everything from the backup partition to the laptop you want rid of that partition on the Dell and then to increase the size of the system partition?

    EASEUS Partition Manager Home will do the trick. It's free for personal use and can shrink, expand, extend and move partitions while Windows is running. It has lots of other useful stuff too.

    You can delete the backup partition, then expand the system partition to use all available space. Using the tool, you may also observe a hidden Dell recovery partition - I would leave that as it is.

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    I have also used Partition Wizard to accomplish these chores. At the time I did not have Easeus available. I now have both. What you should do is delete the partition you want, which will then leave the space unallocated. You can then expand the Primary drive to include all this unallocated space.

    Just be sure you delete the proper partition. You might want to consider renaming the primary partition so there is no chance of choosing the wrong partition to delete.
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