Problem is trying to open a saved document that ended up in Temporary Internet Files on Win 7. What happened: My wife upgraded to Win 7 recently. She edits Word files that came attached to emails. She frequently forgets to save them to her own MS Word storage area. When she forgets but saves them, the system automatically saves them to Temporary Internet Files. When she couldn't find them on her XP machine I could go to the temporary file and retrieve them. But now on Win 7 I can find the file by opening the original from the email and try to do a SAVE AS and I end up in the same temp folder and work my way back up the chain to find out where it is stored. When I go in to retrieve the file, Win 7 says access is denied. If I see the edited file saved there, why can't it be opened? Also, for extra points, why didn't it get saved to the original document in the email?