Running winxp home and wlmail 2009 (built 14.0.8117.0416.
Hard drive with OS and wlmail crashed. Files on crashed drive recovered by drive manufacturer and copied to replacement drive. Process took 5 weeks. Meanwhile, bought new drive, reinstalled OS and other needed programs, including wlmail. Now have replacement drive in hand with all the recoverable files copied to it from the crashed drive but can not extract any of the 700+ contacts in the old wlmail that are desperately needed. Was using wlmail in "offline" mode so no mirror of the file is available. Tracked down the livecontactsview program in hopes of extracting the edb info but it can not view the edb file because the edb file was not correctly closed at its last use. Anyone have any ideas on how I might go about getting the contact information out of this old edb file? Thanks