I have a problem with Office XP SP3. I am running Windows XP SP3 and of course Office XP SP3. The original problem was when you search for a Clip Art image, it will FREEZE Word. The actual error message:"MS Word has encountered a problem and needs to close. The information you were working on might be lost. MS can try to recover it for you". There is a setting somewhere that is being remembered. Here is what I have done:

1. Uninstalled with Add/Remove Office XP, Media Content (Clip Art), and Publisher
2. Reinstalled Office XP
3. Uninstalled Office XP, Media Content, and Publisher with Revo Uninstaller
4. Reinstalled ONLY Office XP

The first two, I performed under Administrator then the last two I performed under the user. Again, I removed ALL traces of Office XP using REVO Uninstaller. Office XP or Clip Art is remembering a setting somewhere on the computer.

In addition to what I did above, here is other steps:

1. I deleted all traces of NORMAL.dot. Launched Word again which it recreates NORMAL.dot
2. I launched Word in SAFE MODE which the problem STILL returns.
3. I ran a Anti-Malware program to scan/clean any objects.
4. I deleted MS XPS Document Writer and reinstalled this driver. Next, I set this driver as the default.
5. I logged on to the computer as myself (Administrator) which this problem follows whomever is logged in.

Nothing above worked at all. The problem STILL exists. Ironically, I have the same problem on a completely other computer running Windows XP SP3 with Office XP SP3. I know this problem is NOT a random problem.

I have three forums going EE, WA, and this one to try to help resolve my problem. So far, nobody has the answer only suggestions. I am hoping to find the answer on this site. Please help!