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Thread: Macrium Reflect

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    Macrium Reflect

    I have used the free version of this product for years with pretty good results. But - I have always reinstalled to the same disk. Now that disk is causing problems.. Before I mess up the saved image, can I reinstall to larger disk - 40 vrs 250 GB? Or, should I partition the new disk with a 40GB section for the image? PC is running WIN XP home.The original OS for this unit is on the old disk.I see it but I can not access it.

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    A quick scan of their website shows:

    Backup and Restore Features

    Disk Imaging

    • Restore a partition to a different type. e.g. a logical partition can be restored as a bootable primary partition
    • Resize the restored partition. A hard disk upgrade can easily be performed by increasing the partition to fill the new disk.

    All you have to do is hope that this refers also to the free version!

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    You can store the Image on any size partition you want. In my case I store my Images (I recreate Images whenever I make a change to my PC) on an ext. 1 TB HD. Since the Image is a non-bootable file, you access it by using the Rescue Media for whatever Imaging app you use. It may not be a great idea to store your Images only in a separate partition of the same HD as your OS. If the HD goes bad, there goes your Image as well. Some folks will create 2 Images, one in a separate partition because this is generally the fastest alternative (In case you screw something up but the health of the HD is NOT in question) and the second on an ext HD (this could be a separate HD contained in the same case) from the OS. This way if the OS HD goes bad, you still have a usable Image for restoration.
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