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    Importing multiple Google Calendars to Outlook 2010

    After having been a Google calendar user for almost a year, I have a new job and am using Outlook 2010 (which I'm looking forward to, since sync attempts b/w Google calendar and my Blackberry have resulted in multiple copies of the same appt) . My Google calendar includes several color-coded calendars for tracking my appts -- work, personal, family, etc. When I import them into Outlook, they each create a separate calendar. Is there a way to import them all into one calendar, so that I can see them all simultaneously on one screen (like I can in Google)?

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    You can have multiple calendars visible at the same time in Outlook - if you then synch them with your BB, you will need to select which ones you want to synch with through the BB Desktop software (look for Advanced button on the BB Desktop software under calendar).

    I just found this out myself - and it's pretty handy. I keep personal and business appointments separate on the Outlook calendars (so I can synchronise the personal calendar with my wife's Outlook!) and they both synch to my BB.

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