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    Damned thumb drive

    I have recently upgraded from XP to Win 7 and have discovered that inserting a brand new USB drive (fresh out of the pack - DSE brand) into a spare port displays a message saying that the drive is recognised & ready to be used. However when trying to access the drive in question, it disappears from the visual display as if it doesn't exist; when trying the drive with any other port - the same message is displayed but the drive doesn't appear.
    I have discovered that by turning on the hidden drives/folders option, the drive's icon appears but right-clicking on it and selecting 'open' generates the message: 'please insert a disk into removable disk (G)', or selecting 'format' from the same menu generates: 'There is no disk in drive G-insert a disk and then try again'.
    Plugging any other USB device into the port/s works as normal. Another interesting point is that the USB drive is recognised and accessible with Windows XP.
    Do USB drives have to be configure in some way to make them compatible with Windows 7?

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    Does the flash drive show up in Device Manager when inserted? Check the DSE web site for possibilities with their flash drives.
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