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    Word 2000 - problem printing a table

    Hello, we have just migrated from word 95 to word 2000. A user took a word 95 document, saved it as word 2000, created in it a table with around 35 rows and 3 columns with text. The document looks good, but when you print, when you get to the table, the last line of text of a page repeats on top of the next page. Any Idea? I dont have that problem if I print the same document from word 95...

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    Re: Word 2000 - problem printing a table

    I'm sorry to say that Word 95 is not particularly compatible with Word 2000 (or 97 for that matter). The binary containers are different, and it does sometimes get confused... particularly with tables. I generally find the best work around to select the table and cut it. In a new 2000 document, I edit / paste special unformatted (this will put it in plain text, each row in a separate paragraph with tabs representing the separate cells). Then select all text and choose Tables / Convert text to table, making certain that "paragraph" is ticked at the bottom before clicking OK. Then select the table and place it where the original was. Hopefully your in-cell formatting isn't too complex to make this feasible. (IMPORTANT: If your table contains any hard tabs, they must be replaced before doing this or Word won't know how many columns to make and will [img]/w3timages/icons/sick.gif[/img])


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    Re: Word 2000 - problem printing a table

    I've had problems with tables lines doing strange things when converting from WordPerfect to Word and have been able to resolve these problems 99% of the time by simply removing all the table lines and putting them all back in. No more problems in the future!

    I'm wondering if something similar would work in your situation. I'm not sure if the table you are having problems with has heading rows. If it does, perhaps you could try something similar to the lines solution by selecting your table and remove all heading rows and then reapplying the heading rows? Not sure but it might be worth a try! Please let me know if it works!

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    Re: Word 2000 - problem printing a table

    I finally found a solution. In Table, Properties, options, I adjusted the cells top and bottom margins to 0,1" and the problem was gone. What I dont like is the idea that each user will have to do each time...

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    Re: Word 2000 - problem printing a table

    Hi Eva,

    A couple of additional items to check would be:

    In the Table Properties and see if "Allow row to break across pages" is selected

    Since this is a converted Word 95 document, take a look at Tools/Options and Compatibility. See what recommend options are being used (if any) and if they aren

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