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    HP Scanning Software Brings Up PC Cam instead of scanner

    Suddenly my HP scanners stopped working altogether. Uninstalled and reinstalled full software package from It is such a nightmare! I cannot get manageable scans using their software, as the images are either HUGE or too low res. There is no way to take a 8.5x11 300dpi scan for example. So after many many frustrating hours of trying different configurations, I have installed a driver called hpiscnapp.exe which does sort of work, but it quite clunky and is not really a long term solution. The problem I have with the HP software is that it turns on my usb pc camera instead of the scanner in order to scan the document. So, if I click scan through the software, a small window opens, my camera turns on, and the image of what the camera is seeing is shown in the window. there's no way to choose the scanner as the input device. Any ideas?

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    I cannot help with your particular problem but it may make you feel better/worse that there are many of us having major problems with HP scanning software right now. You didn't say what model or OS you are using, but I have an Officejet 6500 that is 18mos to 2 years old that was not Win7 ready. Had to have special software package from HP to make it work with Win7. It has worked nicely for 4 months and suddenly gone south. Everything I have read in web searches indicates that HP has not got a fix for it. Some cite a registry edit but it seems to be for XP and Vista. Color me disgusted.


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