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    BlackBerry / WiFi

    I have two wired computers on my small network. These are connected via a Linksys WRT54G wireless router that has the latest firmware.
    I recently upgraded my smartphone to a newer Blackberry that has WiFi.
    Laptop "A" mine, is left on almost all of the time. Laptop "B" is shut down every night,
    and the Blackberyy is always on.
    When I wake up my laptop, I either get a message that there is another device with the same IP address, or I simply have no connection to the web.
    Blackberry connections during this is Ok. To cure I end up having to reset the router.
    Last night I left both laptops on. When I came on this morning my connection was fine, as was laptop "B".
    I will shut laptop "A" off this evening, and leave laptop "B" on again, and see what happens.
    Anything else I can try to narrow this down?
    Thanks John
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    I have this problem with my new TV and my computer. Resetting the router solves it, which makes me think the router is crap - it is actually.
    To get around the problem set the router to reserve an IP address for your computer - under LAN / DHCP.

    cheers, Paul

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