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    Word Preview Broken

    I'm running Word 2007 and have set the Open File (CTRL O) dialogue to preview a file when I click on it. However, all that appears is a message that "This file canít be previewed because of an error in the Microsoft Word previewer."

    The Knowledge Base entry at <> blandly says that "Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem" but offers no solution.

    I tried the various solutions suggested at <> but still have the problem.

    These are a couple of years old. Has anyone run across a way to fix Preview? Does Preview work in Word 2010? If so, I'll upgrade.

    Gosh darn it, Preview has been around since Lotus Magellan in the days of DOS. I'd run that, except Win7-64 won't load it.

    If there's no solution in Word, can anyone suggest a previewer that works?
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    I've got Windows 7 with Word 2010 and the same message appears for me so I wouldn't be looking at upgrading for this feature.

    I see in kb983097 that preview DOES work if you don't use the right application to do the preview (ie Excel's Open dialog can preview a Word document). This would therefore allow you to create a macro that you could use in Word which displays Excel's file open dialog, allowing you to preview to your heart's content, and then if you selected a file, opens it using Word. This would be relatively straightforward to code if someone wanted to accept the challenge.
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    Is there any chance that Ms might fix this bug???
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    I have 2007 running in XP and 2010 running in Win 7. Preview works fine for me in 2007/XP, and not in 2010/7. I don't have 2007/Win7, so can't compare apples to apples.

    Any possibility this is a problem with the O/S?


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