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Thread: dot event files

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    dot event files

    I have a conundrum I'm trying to solve: What are ".event" files? I've only seen them appear since moving to Windows 7, although they may exist elsewhere, too. I started noticing these hidden, 0-byte files showing up in various folders across the system. There is only one per folder and the filename matches the folder name, i.e. in a folder titled "Pictures," I might find a hidden file named "Pictures.event". At first I thought they might be connected to Dropbox, but now I'm not sure. As you might guess it is almost impossible to Google for something like "dot event" or "event file" - the results that come back are way too generic - and all the websites listing file extensions that I've visited don't have an entry for ".event" files. The files don't seem to be harmful, but they can be troublesome. For example, I like to rename my image files folder-by-folder and I have to clean out any ".event" files before running batch processes. Can anyone shed some light on the mystery of the "dot event" files?

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    I did a Google search on ".event" with the period and got a few relavant hits. Do you have any Corel products installed? Evidently Corel creates these files in image directories to aid in thumbnail creation. I'd recommend turning off "Show Hidden Files and Folders". Having that turned on doesn't really gain you too much.

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