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    Slow Boot and Black Screen - Explanation

    The other day when I tried to boot Win 7 Pro x64, I got to the screen where I entered my password, but then it was very slow to complete the "Starting.." screen and then it went to a Black screen with a white cursor arrow (which moved with the mouse).

    I waited about a minute and then pressed Ctrl-Alt-Del and got a startup-like screen (which I had never seen before) with options which allowed me to start the task manager, logoff, reboot and some others, plus the red shutdown button in the lower right corner. I chose the task manager to see what was happening. There were only about 15 system processes, but more were added as I watched. About one every 5-10 seconds. In a few minutes my wallpaper appeared and after several more minutes, my startup programs were run (slowly).

    It turns out that this was apparently due to a failed internet connection. I am connected through a router which supplies a network signal to the computer, but my cable service was down due to an outage, so my computer was not able to access the internet. I suspect that all the system services were waiting for an internet response and timing out. This would account for the slow boot time.

    So, I disconnected my computer's RJ-45 ethernet cable from the router, rebooted, and the system started normally. I guess that Win 7 found there was no network and no longer tried to access the internet (and timing out).

    I hope this helps someone else when faced with this strange behavior.

    BTW I reconnected the ethernet cable after the startup was finished and was able to work normally within the local network while the cable service was still out.

    PS: My XP Laptop was also slow to startup on this same network, but not so bizzare as to have a black screen.

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    Thanks for posting your experience, JC. There are so many processes that go online to check for updates and such, and when they have difficulty accessing sites, things do slow to a crawl.

    This is yet another issue that can cause computers to run like molasses.

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