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    Series Reference If Null In Chart

    In my worksheet (Sheet2) contains dates and numbers in columns B and C, starting in row 2through 50 that are linked to data from Shee1.

    Cells B2:B50 have dates that are linked toSheet1.
    Cells C2:C50 have numbers that are linked toSheet1.

    In both of these columns (B2:B50 and C2:C50), I have an IF statements if the corresponding linked cell in Sheet1 is blank, to insert a space. IF(ISBLANK(Sheet!B2), “ “,(Sheet!B2)

    On Sheet3, I chart/graph the data from Sheet2 (Number and Date). The chart works perfect except when there is a blank cells from Sheet2, the graph line will go to zero.
    I’m looking for a formula/method so that when the SERIES reference is null, the graph line will not display in the chart.

    I know I could remove the formulas from Sheet2 that do not have a value from the linked cells and then each week copy/input the formula for that week, however, someone else will be inputting the data and I will lock all cells in both Sheet1and Sheet2 with the exceptions of Column C of Sheet1 for the user to input that week's data.

    I’ve attached a “simplified” example of the workbook where I’ve removed all data that’snot related to my question. On my attached workbook, if you will look at Sheet2/cell C44, there is no value so the graph on Sheet3 falls to zero. I would like the graph line to stop at the last value (C43 = 201).

    I would appreciate any suggestions or recommendations.

    Thank you.
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    Instead of something like:
    replace the null string with an NA:

    NA errors do not plot. Text and all other errors plot as zero.


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